The NFL’s proposal to incentivize minority leadership with draft position is wrong

According to NFL reporter Jim Trotter, the NFL owners are voting on a proposal that would incentivize the hiring of minorities at the head coach and general manager positions. If a team hires a minority head coach, then they would move up six spots in the third round and if they hire a minority general manager, they would move up ten spots in the third round. If a team hire minorities at both positions, then the team will move up 16 spots. Also, if either position is still intact after two seasons, the team would move up five spots in the fourth round.

This is wrong for several reasons. First, if the NFL really wants to promote minorities in leadership, then this is the wrong way to do it. If this rule passes, then teams are going to hire minorities simply for the sake of better draft position and that simply is ethically wrong. They should hire minorities if they are the right person for the job. Yes, we have only two minority GMs and four head coaches and there should be more (Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy) but hiring them for the sake of draft picks makes those hirings shallow. Every time a team hire them, one would wonder if they just did it for draft position. Imagine this: a team hires a minority head coach and GM for one season to move up 16 positions in the draft. Then they fire them immediately. That would be so wrong.  One way to possibly fix it is to investigate the processes teams use to find a head coach.

Also, for non-minority coaches, that is also really upsetting. It is very difficult to become an NFL coach or GM. They have worked very hard to get to that position and to be passed up for an opportunity just because they are not a minority and won’t give the team draft position is flat out insulting. Not to get political but in this capitalist society, is that the right thing to do? To pass over possibility a better candidate just because one is a minority is not an ethical way to promote diversity.

I love that the NFL is trying to promote diversity in leadership but using that for draft position is the wrong way to go about it. Try to investigate the reason for the lack of minorities instead of providing a superficial incentive. I really hope this proposal is shot down next week.

Published by Sean Clark

I am an aspiring sports journalist at Northern Arizona University. I am very passionate about sports such as football, soccer and basketball and I'm excited to use this platform to write about the sports I love.

2 thoughts on “The NFL’s proposal to incentivize minority leadership with draft position is wrong

  1. Good job with this website Sean!
    Next article should be: This is the wrong way, here is the way to make it better.
    This is the NFL’s has an opportunity to be a leader rather than the furthest behind major sport.

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