In Living Color

How’re You Livin’,

My name is Dotson and I am here to give you some men’s fashion and style suggestions. Be aware, these are my own personal opinions on style and fashion. Fashion is what you make of it! Respect each other’s opinions and ideas and have fun with it. You will be able to develop your own personal fashion, styles, and outfits in due time. Fashion is a form of expression so express yourself!

There is so many ideas and opinions that come into play when you think of fashion. I think the best place to start is with color. Color is the basis of our outfits and it can make you stand out well or stick out like a sore thumb. That is why it is important to learn how to wear the colors you like and to wear them well.

Colors go together and look well based on some basic rules. Let us go into basic color theory. First there are primary, secondary, and tertiary colors which are all present on the color wheel. Then there are complementary colors. These are colors such as purple and yellow, orange, and blue, red, and green, etc. These colors are across one another on the color wheel and when mixed (mixed regarding paint) they form a greyscale color. Complementary colors look well together and are generally pleasing to the eye. Then there are neutral colors. These are colors that can go with any color. These colors include black, white, gray, olive, khaki, brown, beige, etc. Finally, there are muted tones. These are tones/colors of colors we know but have been to say the least faded out. There is a muted pink for example. It is a color that adds more hues to an outfit but keeps an almost neutral scheme to it. Combining these colors with any color creates a unified color scheme and look in an outfit.

There are many ways to combine colors. You can combine colors to make a complementary colored outfit such as red and green. You can combine all neutrals together to form a less noticeable color scheme. This color scheme is one seen far more in the professional clothing world as it speaks to the subtlety of fashion. You can combine neutrals and muted tones to add more color to an outfit and create color combinations not seen often.

There is so much to do with colors that we never think of! Go out and experiment with different color clothing and see what outfits you can make! Please share all outfit ideas with me because I would love to hear from you! Fashion is about fun and wearing what you like. Be happy and confident in what you wear! Have a wonderful and fun day! Be safe and take care of yourself!

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