BIRTHH – ‘WHOA’ album review

How’re You Livin’,

How do we humans distinguish ourselves from others? That is easy, we do so through expression, expression and more expression! Music is a gift given to us by talented artists. Musical artists bear their emotions and souls in their body of work. This is their expression. This is their art that they create. This is how they plan on leaving their mark on the world. However, some stand above others lyrically, vocally and melodically. BIRTHH is one of these artists.

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Alice Bisi, professionally known as BIRTHH, is the name of a 22-year-old pop musical artist from Florence, Italy. BIRTHH is Alice Bisi’s dark alter-ego, “the conscience of a nineteen-year-old who spends most of her time thinking about apocalyptic events.” In her album, WHOA, BIRTHH gives her listeners a unique perspective on human nature and her personal experience through cryptic lyrics and ethereal vocals. WHOA is BIRTHH’s second album followed by Born in the Woods.

BIRTHH has such an incredible use and grasp of the English language. Her syntax along with an imaginative and distinct musical interpretation allows her to produce amazing music straight from the heart. The album itself is one that is both thoughtfully and carefully produced. This statement is evident in the quality and intricacies of her lyrics.

Two noteworthy songs from her album are outstanding in their lyrics and performance. The first song is “Parakeet”. At first, this song appears to be a stream of nostalgic thoughts with no direction or meaning. That is until you realize that the song is in fact about BIRTHH’s late Nana. The song lyrics revolve around pictures and memories that she shared with her Nana. We’ve all lost someone close to us at one point in our lives. The tender expression and vague yet beautiful lyricism brings to mind those we once loved. Ultraviolet is the next song of note from BIRTHH’s album.

BIRTHH’s next song “Ultraviolet” features the artist Ivy Sole, another female artist who expresses herself through deep and sultry vocals. The metaphorical basis around this song focuses on bees. There are many colors in the world that we are not able to see that other animals such as bees are able to. Ultraviolet light is just one color that bees can see that humans cannot. This notion gives BIRTHH a change of perspective that allowed her to write this song. Along with Ivy Sole, BIRTHH writes a song that challenges the human perspective on the world. She challenges the limits of our senses and senses. “Maybe I’ll design sunglasses/ That can show ultraviolet/ See what bees see/ See how life is.” Her song is her expression and want to see the world for what it truly is. This song is a calling for the builders and creators who always seek more insight whether it is knowledge or perspective.

Alice Bisi, BIRTHH, is an exceptional young pop artist. Her combination of soulful and passionate vocals and lyrics accompanied by her sui generis perspective brings to mind carefree nostalgia and inspiration. BIRTHH is an artist to watch and certainly one to which we should all listen. We all become set in our typical taste in music. That is perfectly alright! I do have one suggestion, take a chance on a new artist. Take a chance on BIRTHH and her albumWHOA hopefully find a new artist that you too will love!

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