An in Depth Look into Fashion: The T-Shirt

How’re You Livin’,

In a previous article of mine, The Wizard and the Wardrobe, I gave you the reader 10 clothing essentials every man should have in his closet. Now, Im going to go in depth with each essential, offer advice, brands and sizing in order for you to find your absolute favorite articles of clothing. You should not have to compromise on your clothing. With my help, I can give you the knowledge and tools to feel your best in what you wear. Today, we are going to focus on the staple of all closets: the t-shirt.

Now lets hop into it! The t-shirt is the staple of the wardrobe. Anyone can wear them! They are typically a casual wear item; however, they can be dressed up if done so correctly. The t-shirt is the clothing of choice for the makers and doers. Its an incredibly comfortable article of clothing and has defined and redefined fashion time and time again. However, with all the choices, colors, styles, and sizes what is the right t-shirt for you?

Many brands make t-shirts because they are so common place and such a staple of the wardrobe. However, like any and everything some are simply made better than others. Im here to give you suggestions from brands that I know and trust create well-made and quality products.

Everlane: The Premium-Weight Relaxed Crew

Everlane’s Premium-Weight Relaxed Crew. Is my number one choice when it comes to a t-shirt. It is ethically made, sustainable, and the quality is outstanding. The shirt has a very nice weight to it as well as a wide array of neutral and washed colors that can be worn with any outfit. The t-shirt comes in at $32. For the price you are paying, you are purchasing a quality piece of clothing that will last you for years to come.

Uniqlo U: Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Another favorite t-shirt of mine is the Uniqlo Crew Neck T-Shirt. This shirt comes in at $14.90. What can I say about this t-shirt other than it is great quality, affordable and comes in numerous shades from neutrals to full tones such as green and yellow. Need I say more? This shirt can be picked up online or at any Uniqlo retailer.

Carhartt: Workwear T-Shirt

The Carhartt Workwear T-Shirt is an amazing t-shirt. This one comes in at $12.74. Carhartt is a brand known for their impeccably made workwear for those who work in physical labor. However, as the years have gone by, an interest in workwear has gone up immensely. Due to this, workwear such as Carhartt and its heavyweight and comfortable t-shirt has been worn far more often in casual wear. If you are looking for an oversized, comfortable and well-made t-shirt then look no further than a Carhartt workwear t-shirt.

COS: Round-Neck T-Shirt

COS is a European clothing brand. They create higher quality goods by means of material, styling choices and sustainability. Due to this, their clothing tends to have a higher price tag. This t-shirt, however, comes in at a reasonable price tag of $22. The COS round neck t-shirt is a soft, comfortable t-shirt that is well-made for a good price. This t-shirt has a slimmer cut for a more European style fitting. If you’re a smaller person, or prefer a tighter cut to your clothing then the COS Round-Neck T-shirt is perfect for you.

H&M: Regular Fit Crew-neck T-Shirt

If you are looking for a cheap t-shirt then look no further than H&M. H&M is a fast-fashion clothing brand. Their clothing is far cheaper in price, but this price reflects the quality of the t-shirt. Their clothing tends to last for one clothing season and as such aren’t made as well as other clothing brands. The H&M crew-neck t-shirt comes in at $6.99. This t-shirt is a cheaper alternative to the previously mentioned choices in t-shirts. Just be aware that you are paying for the t-shirt and that it matches in quality. However, do not let my opinion seay you from buying this t-shirt! If you like it and think its a good deal, then purchase it!

T-shirts are a staple of any and every closet. Picking a good one is the difficult part of the job. I hope the choices that I gave you help narrow down your selection. However, these are just a few of many choices!!! If you find a t-shirt that you like even more choose it! Style is what you make of it! Where what you feel and have a great day!!!

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