Social Distancing and Mental Wellness

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How’re You Livin’,

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented event that happened in our modern times. We would have never been able to predict nearly any and all of the events that took place in the world following the rise of COVID-19. However, despite the mass economic downturn and massive changes that occurred socially there is one issue that needs to have a dialogue. That issue is mental health.

Our mental health is really important. It is the link between the body and mind. This link affects our bodily health and wellness and allows us to maintain ourselves physically and mentally. We all need to carefully monitor our physical and mental wellness to ensure we are thriving and surviving at our best.

However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our mental health was greatly tested. The rapid outbreak of the COVID-19 virus forces the hand of the government. They called for the quarantine and the temporary shut down of any and all non-essential businesses. This greatly burdened the economy. Many people lost their jobs, plans for the future were ruined and physical and mental health were at risk.

Humans are social creatures. We feed off interaction in our social climate. In doing so, we grow, learn and thrive as individuals with hopes of furthering the social zeitgeist. With the mandated closures as well as the quarantine, the social dialogue was hindered and interaction was minimized. For those seeking human interaction, this greatly affected our mental health and way of life.

With a loss of interaction, our mental health suffers. We become restless and agitated without being able to go outside and interact with friends, coworkers, etc. The stress that comes with financial and health uncertainty serves to further degrade our mental health. The longer the quarantine and social distancing occurs the more and more our mental health suffers. What can we do to preserve our and other’s mental and physical health?

Ways restaurants are getting social distancing right - Insider
Barrier at a dining table in Japan. Photo via Kyodo News, Getty Images.

Interact with people you know safely while maintaining social distancing rules and regulations. Many social media and entertainment platforms are offering new features to help minimize the inconvenience of social distancing. For example, there is screen sharing to help reduce and minimize isolation. It lets you have fun without and be together even while you are apart. Social interaction is good for the mind. By adjusting and monitoring our social interaction, we can lessen the effects of social distancing and maintain healthy relationships and mental health.

10-Minute Full-Body Workout You Can Do at Home
Man working out at home. Photo via Adidas Runtastic.

Exercising is vital to our physical health. Its difficult to monitor and maintain our health when we need to stay indoors. There are many home workouts and exercises that we can do in order to stay healthy and active. With the sudden change to an almost entirely indoor lifestyle many people have created so many exercises to prevent a sedentary lifestyle. Along with exercise, it is important to eat healthy and not overeat during these times. With boredom reaching its peak, its important to ensure eating is meaningful and healthy. Many of us tend to eat when we are bored and stressed. When you do, find healthy alternatives and be sure to eat only what you need.

There are so many changes in the world right now. However you shouldn’t let that affect and change your health. Make sure you take care of your physical and emotional wellness. Exercise in whatever ways that you can. Physical activity helps reduce stress and tension which leads to relaxation. Exercise helps your body to stay healthy and filled with energy. Maintain the social distancing rules and regulations when interacting with others. In doing so, you can ensure safe social interaction. The body and the mind work in conjunction with one another. By fortifying both, you can survive and thrive right now and for years to come! Take care and keep living well!

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