Top 10 ‘My Hero Academia’ fights

My Hero Academia has given us some incredible fights during its first four seasons. Here are the 10 best fights from the show. This list is only considering the show, so fights from the two movies are not included. Spoilers for My Hero Academia ahead.

10. All Might vs Nomu

All Might vs Noumu Full Fight (60fps) - YouTube
All Might giving the final blow to Nomu in episode 12, “All Might.”

Season one of My Hero Academia may seem small in retrospective, but the fight between All Might and the original Nomu was easily my favorite moment from the season. When all hope seems lost, when each of our heroes are on their last rope, All Might comes bursting through the doors of the USJ. The animation for the fight is incredible with each hit feeling larger than life. That final plus ultra brought so much excitement to my face.

9. Uraraka vs Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo vs. Ochaco Uraraka | My Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom
Uraraka sneaking up on Bakugo in episode 22, “Bakugo vs Uraraka.”

Season two’s tournament arc led to some amazing fights and before season four, they likely would have taken up half this list. The fight between Uraraka and Bakugo brought out the best out of both characters. Uraraka needed some development outside of her friendship with Deku and Iida and this fight absolutely delivered on that. Her strategy of using Bakugo’s recklessness against him showed off just how intelligent she is. While Bakugo can be overly aggressive and never goes easy on Uraraka, it is how he shows respect for his opponents. This makes it so that when Bakugo wins, it feels earned. Bakugo being so impressed with her strategy that he thinks Deku helped her represents how much it surprised him.

8. Deku vs Overhaul

Deku fighting Overhaul in episode 75, “Unforseen Hope.”

One of the best animated fights in the show, the fight between Deku and Overhaul finally gave us Deku using 100% of One For All. Combine this with the absolute insanity of Overhaul’s quirk and you get the second most visually impressive fight in the show. The first half of the fourth season was building toward this moment and I believe it paid off in a big way.

7. Deku vs Bakugo round two

Izuku Midoriya vs. Katsuki Bakugo | My Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom
Deku facing Bakugo in episode 61, “Deku vs Kacchan, Part 2.”

The rivalry between Deku and Bakugo in My Hero Academia is one of its strongest elements. Their second fight shows how far both of them have come since their first fight in season one. Bakugo no longer underestimates Deku, and while he does not quite see him as an equal, he gives Midoria the respect he deserves. However, my favorite part of the fight is what happens after it. The conversation between Deku, Bakugo and All Might sets up their new dynamic for the rest of the show perfectly.

6. Deku vs Gentle Criminal and La Brava

Izuku Midoriya vs. Danjuro Tobita | My Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom
Deku vs Gentle Criminal in episode 85 “School Festival Start!!”

Gentle felt like the perfect villain for Deku. Gentle and La Brava are not like the other villains Deku has faced. A former aspiring hero who failed constantly but still desired recognition, Gentle reminds Deku greatly of who he was before meeting All Might. La Brava, on the other hand, could have easily ended up with the League of Villains if it were not for Gentle. The creativity of Gentle and La Brava quirks led to one of the more emotional fights in the show.

5. Endeavor and Hawks vs High End Nomu

Endeavor vs High-End Nomu [My Hero Academia] | In What Episode?
Endeavor fighting the High End Nomu from episode 88, “His Start.”

The final fight of season four, the fight between Endeavor, Hawks and High End Nomu needed to accomplish two things: endear us to Endeavor and introduce his dynamic with Hawks. Endeavor finally got his All Might moment, fighting a Nomu that is just as strong, if not stronger, as the one All Might fought against. He is the new number one hero, and this fight exemplifies that. The addition of Hawks forms this friendly rivalry between heroes that I cannot wait to see more of in season five.

4. Deku, Iida and Todoroki vs Stain

Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida & Shoto Todoroki vs. Chizome Akaguro ...
Deku and Iida fighting Stain in episode 30, “Climax.”

Before the paralysis of his brother, Iida just seemed like a goody-two-shows who always followed the rules. That all changed when Stain made his presence felt. Iida confronts Stain and is easily defeated by him. Luckily, Deku’s intuition allowed him to save Iida, or at least delay the fight long enough for help to arrive. Once Todoroki arrived, the fight became even. Stain had far more fight experience than the students of Class 1A, but even he has trouble against multiple strong opponents. I fully expected another hero like Endeavor or Gran Torino to show up at the end, but instead the fledgling heroes manage to defeat Stain on their own and I loved it.

3. Deku vs Todoroki

Izuku Midoriya vs. Shoto Todoroki | My Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom
Deku and Todoroki facing off in episode 23, “Shoto Todoroki: Origin.”

Season two set up Todoroki as a secondary rival to Deku. The son of Endeavor, the former number two hero behind All Might, Todoroki has every reason to see Deku as a serious rival. The ensuing fight is a perfect example of character growth through conflict. Todoroki has family issues out the wazoo and is using them as fuel throughout the UA Sports Festival. Deku sees this and while he obviously wants to win the fight, he feels it is more important to help Todoroki through his problems. The entire fight built to an explosive climax that left the crowd and me speechless.

2. Lemillion vs Overhaul

Lemillion punching Overhaul in episode 74, “Lemillion.”

The fight between Lemillion and Overhaul was easily the best fight of season four. Togata’s use of his permeation quirk would have easily defeated Overhaul if it was not for that cheap shot at Eri. The moment where Lemillion punches through Overhaul’s hand and hits his face is perfection. Even after losing his quirk, Togata kept fighting until he no longer could. The loss of his quirk is devastating, especially when you consider how much effort it took for him to master it. The whole thing had me in tears.

1. All Might vs All For One

The United States of Smash in episode 49, “One For All.”

Number one is the climatic fight of the first half of season three. All Might was the heart of this show for its first three seasons. The pillar of hope and peace. While All For One did not defeat him, he might as well have. The symbol of peace is gone and the world will forever be changed because of it. The final United States of Smash is easily my favorite moment in the entire show. Deku and Bakugo cheering him on, Endeavor and Gran Torino showing up for moral support, and that final scene of All Might pointing towards Deku and saying, “now it’s your turn” bring out all of the emotions. This is not just my favorite fight in My Hero Academia, but my favorite moment as well.

Is there a fight that you love that didn’t make my list? Comment below!

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