Still Woozy – musical artist review

How’re You Livin’,

Musical artists are hard workers. They continually create more and more content for their audience. Although their music may not always suit our tastes, we always find a few artists who always consistently produce amazing music. Still Woozy is one of these artists.

Still Woozy by 48hills news publication.

Sven Gamsky, known by his stage name Still Woozy, is a musical artist from the California Bay Area. Still Woozy releases his music under Still Woozy Productions Inc. which is licensed by Interscope Records.

From 2011 to 2016, Still Woozy was apart of a band known as Feed Me Jack. While Still Woozy was a part of this band, it released four studio albums before disbanding due to musical differences. Following the band’s separation, Still Woozy adopted his current moniker and began to released several singles as well as an EP. These releases allowed Still Woozy to rise to greater fame as an individual artist. These releases were accompanied by album covers with eye catching and abstract artistry. These albums are amazing in sound and in visuals.

Still Woozy is an indie pop and neo-soul artist. Indie pop is a genre of music that combines pop with individual sound, tastes and direction. Neo-soul is another genre of music pop music to describe a sound that emerged from soul and contemporary R&B. This gives Still Woozy an incredible and unique sound unto himself.

There are two songs by Still Woozy that are certainly worth the listen. The first song is Window and the other is Goodie Bag. These songs fully embodies the genre of neo-soul. The songs feature rhythms and beats that are of a contemporary R&B nature. The vocals and lyrics are indie pop. When combined together, they create unique neo-soul songs that has captured the hearts of many listeners.

Take a chance to learn and listen to an exceptional and lesser known artist such as Still Woozy. His musical work will not disappoint and hopefully you will love with his unique musical style the same way that I have! Give every new artist a chance, Still Woozy will give you a new sound and lyrical perspective you may to hear. Take care and keep living well!

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