Release the Kraken!

Professional hockey is officially back in the Pacific Northwest! It has been 96 years since Seattle last had a professional team and it has been a long time coming for there to be another team in that part of the country. To say I am excited for this team to be there is an understatement. Seattle is a thriving sports city with plenty of rich history. The NHL will have a perfect reception for the newly minted Seattle franchise and the most recent announcement of the nickname opens a new door of opportunity for the Seattle hockey fans to take the name and run with it.

The announcement of the team has been known for a while, but the nickname was recently released, and while it may be strange, the intimidation factor of the name is what makes it perfect. The Seattle Kraken. It’s simple, it’s mythical and it’s fearsome. The other names that were offered but denied were the Sockeyes and the Totems. These names offer a great background on the history that the Northwest shares with the Native American people but ultimately, the Seattle Kraken is what won out. The best part about this naming process is it was based on fan polling and some Twitter stalking. The colors and the logo also reach back to the previous history of Seattle hockey.

The logo is a letter “S” with some noticeable details on the inside. At the top, a red, glaring eye. Through the middle is a tentacle ready to strike. For many newer hockey fans, this logo obviously shows the Kraken inside of the S. But the “S” itself reflects back to the former NHL team, the Seattle Metropolitans. The Metropolitans were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup, but the team ultimately folded in 1924. This new franchise will look to represent the previous with honor and bring the cup back to the Northwest. Now with the name and the logo reveal, the colors come next for what the opponents will be on the line against.

The home jersey will feature a dark navy almost black-looking shade of blue with a very light shade of blue that some fans are calling Columbia blue or something of a similar to a powder blue. The extra logo on it is an anchor, but if you look closer, you will notice a smaller detail. The anchor up the middle is a familiar skyline sight, the Seattle Space Needle which was originally made for the World’s Fair in the 1960’s. The away jersey will be white for the primary with the blues transitioning from light to dark down the sleeve. The dark blue is used to represent the dark ocean in the Pacific Northwest with the lighter blues representing an icy chill to the opponent. The final being the piercing red in the middle of the jersey. The eye staring down the opponent, ready to claim the next victim. But with the hype of the team, what is there to expect?

This is a franchise that is a long time in the making and it will look to have a similar impact that the Vegas Golden Knights had on their recent inception to the league by winning the Western Conference title in their first season. The ownership group in Seattle is ready to make moves because with a successful hockey team, could it mean that Seattle could reclaim an NBA franchise? The jury is still out on that but the hype around the Kraken can be found through social media and faceoff for Seattle cannot come soon enough. Just wait until Seattle is ready to release the Kraken.

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