Hiking – Fun Physical Recreation

How’re You Livin’,

The world is currently in dire straits due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, we have all lost our current norms and ways of living. This has affected some more than others. However, we all are feeling the impact of the pandemic whether it is school, work, social lives, etc. One way to get away from it all even momentarily is through outside physical recreation. My personal favorite being hiking.

Hiking, trekking, and walking are some of the best physical recreation out there. It is one that is highly needed right now. Due to social distancing regulations, it is difficult to relax and have fun the same way that we did before. Pastimes such as sports, drinking at bars, amusement parks and more have been severely reduced/regulated or temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people seem so incredibly wary of hiking for many valid reasons. Hiking, depending on what trails and places you decide to visit, can be very difficult to traverse. Others people do not like the elements such as wind, sun or rain. However, never let these reasons prevent you from experiencing the fun that comes with hiking. There are so many trails to hike in so many places. It is easy to find a trail that can match your level experience and desired difficulty.

Here are just some of the beautiful images I have in my own state of Colorado:

The Paint Mines – Calhan, CO
St Mary’s Glacier – Clear Creek County, CO
Bluestem Prairie Open Space – Colorado Springs, CO

These are just some of the many views that you can see when hiking. These ephemeral and breathtaking sights are just another reason to hike. With a combination of physical activity and beautiful sights, hiking is one way to be physically active, maintain social distancing measures and have some fun while doing it. Give hiking a try today! Who knows, it may become your favorite pastime and hobby!

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