‘Avengers #35: The Age of Khonshu Part Three’ review

Moon Knight’s battle against the Avengers continues in Avengers #35! What is Khonshu so afraid of that he would have his Fist fight Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Spoilers for Avengers #33 and #34 ahead.

After the death of Mephisto, Khonshu and his followers have successfully taken over a large amount of the world. It appears that Khonshu is doing this out of fear of Mephisto and his remaining servants, but it seems that the moon god is harboring malicious intentions.

Khonshu’s followers fighting the Prehistoric Avengers in Avengers #35

Captain America, Blade and She Hulk are searching for the defeated Avengers that are being held captive by Khonshu’s followers. Thanks to Blade’s “vamp senses” they are hot on the trail. Meanwhile, Iron Man and Captain Marvel protect the new inheritor of the Starbrand, a cosmic power that Khonshu believes will help him truly defeat the devil. Moon Knight has been sent to absorb the Starbrand using the Spirit of Vengeance he stole from Ghost Rider.

While I prefer the more in depth looks at Moon Knight psyche, I cannot deny that Jason Aaron brings some enjoyable action with his take on the Fist of Khonshu. I was afraid the gimmick of Moon Knight fighting the Avengers would run its course after the last issue, but the prologue at the beginning of Avengers #35 brings Khonshu’s past into the moonlight. Khonshu holds resentment toward the Avengers due to the prehistoric version of the team ignoring him despite his influence on the world.

The Avengers (1,000,000 BC) first debuted in Marvel Legacy #1 and consist of Agamotto (the Sorcerer Supreme), Black Panther, Phoenix, Starbrand, Ghost Rider, Odin (with Mjolnir) and Iron Fist. Khonshu’s anguish towards this prehistoric team is why he is so determined to acquire their powers from their modern incarnations.

Moon Knight using the Spirit of Vengence to pull Captain Marvel into the Hell Charger in Avengers #35

The panels from artists Javier Garron and Jason Keith supply some fantastic visuals, especially during Iron Man and Captain Marvel’s fight against Moon Knight. The image of Moon Knight pulling Captain Marvel into the Hell Charger is the insanity I expected to see going into this story. The flames burning out of the white cloth-encased skeleton create what may be the coolest thing I have seen in the current Avengers run so far.

As great as this issue is, it tastes like an appetizer compared to the next issue. Jason Aaron seems to be having a blast with this story, and unlike Damnation, this more fun take on Moon Knight feels like the same crazy headcase I know and love.

Rating: 8/10

Buy the comic: https://www.comixology.com/Avengers-2018-35/digital-comic/851151?ref=c2VhcmNoL2luZGV4L2Rlc2t0b3Avc2xpZGVyTGlzdC90b3BSZXN1bHRzU2xpZGVy

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