I stand with Black Lives Matter

Photo via Fox Sports

Black Lives Matter is a movement sweeping the nation (even the world as well) in recent months. It involves protests against police brutality and inequalities toward the black community. On Wednesday, it vaulted to the forefront of national news as the Milwaukee Bucks went on strike and did not play their playoff game against the Orlando Magic in the Orlando Bubble.

All NBA games were postponed, and other sports joined in, including the MLS, MLB and NHL all postponing games.

Before I establish my feelings and thoughts on this movement, I need to first establish my background.

I am a white male from Colorado Springs, Colorado and living in Flagstaff, Arizona. For most of my life, I was taught to pay little attention to the happenings of the world and focus on living your own life; only you can control your life so don’t worry about everyone else’s.

Considering recent events, I can no longer tolerate this way of thinking.

Police brutality is a problem which cannot be ignored. Black people are treated worse by some police officers due to the color of their skin, a sickening fact. This needs to stop. Period.

What is also bad is many people, some I know even personally, choose to boycott the NFL and other sports as players kneel for the national anthem instead of taking the time to recognize why they are protesting. Players kneeling during the national anthem is a peaceful form of protest. I used to be upset too about players kneeling but then I took the time to understand their reasoning. Colin Kaepernick kneeled to protest police brutality four years ago and this is still happening today. If you are going to bash players for kneeling for the anthem and striking games, at least consider why they are doing it.

As the founder and owner of this platform, I created this to provide entertainment and quality content for you readers to enjoy.

Now, I choose to use it to promote Black Lives Matter. I have always believed in All Lives Matter in the sense that all lives do matter. However, Black Lives Matter does not take away from the other lives, it shows black lives need help currently, a common misconception I used to fall for.

I have several close friends who are a part of the black community and to hear what they go through shows me just how privileged I am as a white male. I want to help end this systemic racism and one way I and others can do so is to vote in this election. Many people (I have in the past) take voting for granted and I can no longer do so.

Another way I know I can help is to simply be kind. I know it sounds cliche but being kind to everyone around you can build people up and spread like a virus. Be kind to one another and vote. These are two very simple ways you can help to improve your communities.

I hope writing this for my platform can spread even a little awareness. In the contact form on my homepage, let me know how I can further help this cause.  

Published by Sean Clark

I am an aspiring sports journalist at Northern Arizona University. I am very passionate about sports such as football, soccer and basketball and I'm excited to use this platform to write about the sports I love.

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