2020 NFL season preview: Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are a team that may be overlooked this season but will attempt to make a comeback. 

Denver has been in a consistent struggle since winning the Super Bowl in 2016. With injuries and position openings, the Broncos had a damaging last-season ending with a record of 7-9. The Broncos were unable to win in close games which managed to be their biggest downfall coming out of last season. Giving up the game in the second half destroyed the Denver defense who relied on linebacker Von Miller to make the bigger plays. 

In the 2020 season, Von Miller will be out due to an ankle injury so where does that leave the Broncos defense is a question being asked by many fans. Denver’s defense will need to utilize Jeremiah Attaochu and Malik Reed who will need to share Miller’s snaps to make up for his absence. Another player on the defense who will look to step up is linebacker Bradley Chubb who is coming back from a torn ACL last season. While there are concerns regarding the ability of Chubb, he has been able to fully practice with the team and can also maximize the snaps and pushing back opponents which the Broncos will need this season. 

Another big struggle has been on the offensive end especially filling the quarterback position after Peyton Manning retired. For Broncos Country they found hope in quarterback Drew Lock who started for the Broncos in five games last season in his rookie year. Lock is determined to lead this young team and needs to utilize key offensive players Courtland Sutton, Melvin Gordon III, and rookie wide receiver Jerry Jeudy.  Along with these players’ sophomore tight end, Noah Fant will also play a big role in the Denver offense. Fant is able to utilize speed and finding the holes to make the bigger plays.

Denver built the team around Drew Lock which will be helpful with him starting this season. Denver picked strong offensive players in the draft that will be utilized to be Lock’s main targets come game time.  One concern is with the tackles, however, and how they will pan out this season.

The Broncos will need to find their momentum early in games to prevent opponents from putting more points on the board. If the Broncos revert to giving up leads come second half and losing close scoring games, they will be in the same position as last year and be out of the playoffs once again. 

With this team moving toward more rookies, the dynamic between veterans and new players should create a dynamic force on all aspects of the field. The Broncos are starting to rebuild which will hopefully put them into a better scoring position and a potential playoff spot. 

I would not count this team out of the playoffs yet.

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