Gonzalo Higuain joins Inter Miami

Photo via goal.com

The writing has been on the wall and now it is finally confirmed; Gonzalo Higuain will join his brother, Federico, in Major League Soccer as he joins Inter Miami. The 32-year-old Argentine striker comes in after being a bench rider on a Juventus side that just had too much attacking power to deal with. Higuain notched eight goals and four assists last season but figured it was time for him to still show his quality in a side that could use his talents. So he is taking the LeBron James tactic and taking his talents to South Beach.

His $16.5 million contract makes him one of the highest-paid players in the league. He will be joining the expansion side after a disappointing but bizarre season. Inter Miami currently finds themselves right below the playoff line after their win over the Five Stripes in Atlanta United.

David Beckham will be grinning after he has now slowly put together some strong names in his squad. Rodolfo Pizarro, Matias Pellegrini, Blaise Matuidi (former Higuain teammate) and now Gonzalo Higuain. This may not be the season they wanted but after some big name signings, they will look to keep making some strides to show similar success in the Eastern Conference like Atlanta and maybe even Nashville FC.

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