Top 10 ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ fights

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure might seem like your typical shonen action series at first, but the engaging and strategic writing of the series’ many battles set it apart from other shonen battle anime. While some fights are definitely more strength-reliant than others, the constant back-and-forth tension during the fights make them some of the best of any anime I’ve seen. While I have read some of the manga, this list will only consist of fights from the anime as otherwise, it would likely only consist of fights from Steel Ball Run and JoJolion. With that in mind, here are my top 10 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fights. Spoilers for the anime ahead.

10. Josuke vs Highway Star

Josuke trying to outrun Yuya Fungami’s Highway Star in Diamond is Unbreakable episode 28, “Highway Star, Part 1”

Diamond is Unbreakable introduced automatic Stands into the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. These near-unstoppable forces of nature require the hero facing it to have to work around its basic mechanics. In Highway Star’s case, it is an incredibly fast supersensitive Stand who’s only purpose is to drain people of their nutrients to heal its user. It acts like a hunter tracking its prey and won’t stop until they are defeated. Due to the near omnipotence of the Stand, Josuke is forced to outrun it and hopefully track down its user, as defeating him is the only way to truly stop Highway Star’s rampage. Because of its high speed, slowing down just slightly could end in Josuke’s untimely demise, giving us some fantastic moments, such as Crazy Diamond disassembling and then reassembling the motorcycle so that he does not crash into pedestrians on the road. This high-speed chase across Morioh was exciting, while displaying just how far Josuke had come as a strategist. Josuke healing Yuya Fungami just to beat the crap out of him may be one of my favorite moments in Diamond is Unbreakable.

9. Giorno and Mista vs Ciocolatta

Ciocolatta striking Giorno with Green Day in Golden Wind episode 31, “Green Day and Oasis, Part 2”

Saying that Ciocolatta was a piece of trash is an understatement. Both he and his partner Secco are so bad that the devil himself showed distaste for them. Upon seeing the lack of remorse, and even enjoyment in Green Day’s carnage, Giorno and the rest of the gang realize just how great of a danger he poses, not just to them, but to Italy as a whole. Ciocolatta has been a disgusting murderous scumbag his whole life, and it was exciting to see Giorno share the screen with someone so deranged. Their fight brought out the best characterization for Giorno in the whole series, tricking Ciocolatta into thinking Giorno will show him mercy, only to reveal that he “doesn’t spare worthless pieces of ****.” The nearly minute-long beat-up that follows may be the most satisfying moment in the whole show, and thankfully Ciocolatta lands in a garbage truck, right where he belongs.

8. Bruno vs King Crimson

King Crimson donuting Bruno Bucciarati in Golden Wind episode 20, “The Final Mission From the Boss”

From the moment Bruno notices Trish is missing in the elevator, we immediately know the danger the Boss poses and the distance in power between the two of them. This is only made more apparent when King Crimson first appears behind Bruno. The giant of a Stand towers over Bruno, easily maneuvering around him as if he is unaffected by time. This is only displayed further when we see King Crimson’s ability to obliterate time in action, with a dark void appearing around the two showing Bruno and Sticky Fingers tied to fate with King Crimson moving around freely. The sheer omnipotence displayed during this fight is frightening, but it is Bruno’s quick thinking that allows him and Trish to escape the Court of the Crimson King. This fight is one of the most tense of the whole series due to the mystery surrounding King Crimson and its user.

7. Polnareff and Iggy vs Vanilla Ice

Polnareff’s Silver Chariot stabs Vanilla Ice inside of Cream in Stardust Crusaders episode 43, “The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice, Part 2”

Vanilla Ice quickly shows the Crusaders just how powerful he is by immediately murdering Avdol right in front of Polnareff and Iggy. The destructive black hole that is Vanilla Ice’s Stand, Cream, tears up everything in its path, leaving little room for attack. When combined with Vanilla Ice’s vampiric regeneration and brute strength, the two appear to be unstoppable. The fierce combination leaves Polnareff and Iggy onto the defensive for most of the fight, barely staying alive against the power before them. Iggy’s sacrifice to save Polnareff further demonstrates the strength of Cream, but gives Polnareff time to take the offensive. Upon destroying the walls of the room around them, Vanilla Ice falls into the sunlight, confirming that he is a vampire. This reveal allows Polnareff to use Vanilla Ice’s pride for his master, DIO, against him. Polnareff successfully talks Vanila Ice into walking closer, basking him in sunlight, which quickly turns him completely to dust. This fight shows how far Polnareff and Iggy have come since they were first introduced in Stardust Crusaders and acts as a bit of finality for Polnareff until his reappearance in Golden Wind.

6. Bruno and Mista vs Proscuitto and Pesci

Bruno and Sticky Fingers attacking Proscuitto and The Grateful Dead while Pesci watches in Golden Wind episode 15, “The Grateful Dead, Part 1”

Poor Mista. It seems our gun toting gangster always finds himself just one foot away from death’s door. Easily the best of the fights against La Squadra de Executione, the power of The Grateful Dead is quickly shown through its near immediate takedown of four of the members of Bruno’s gang due to its ability to rapidly age those around it. This leaves only Bruno and Mista left standing, forcing them to work together to fight Proscuitto and Pesci while dealing with the affects of The Grateful Dead. However, Bruno soon realizes that it is Pesci’s precision killing Stand, Beach Boy, that is the real danger, since it can pass through solid objects including skin and bones to pierce vital organs. This fight demonstrates just how dangerous La Squadra is, while giving both our heroes and the villains moments to shine. This culminates in Bruno’s brutal killing of Pesci, but to be fair, the cactus head kind of had it coming.

5. Josuke vs Kira

Josuke’s Crazy Diamond fighting Kira’s Killer Queen in Diamond is Unbreakable episode 37, “Crazy D (Diamond) is Unbreakable, Part 1”

The final fight of Diamond is Unbreakable, the confrontation between Josuke Higashikata and the serial killer Yoshikage Kira, brings together everything the two have learned throughout the duration of the part. Due to the sheer power Crazy Diamond poses in close quarters, Kira is forced on the defensive, combining Stray Cat’s air manipulation with Killer Queen’s bombs to create explosive air bubbles. To combat this, Josuke uses Crazy Diamond’s restoration to project glass shards at Kira using his blood as a boomerang to hit Kira even after Killer Queen deflects them, a technique he learned during his fights against Ratt and Super Fly. The ranged strategies the two are forced to incorporate to work around each others’ close range abilities shows just how intelligent both of them are and forms the best ranged Stand battle in the whole show.

4. Joseph vs Wamuu Round 2

Joseph running at Wamuu during the chariot battle in Battle Tendency episode 22, “A True Warrior”

Joseph Joestar may still be one of the best strategists to come out of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure so far, and no fight is this most apparent than his fight against the Pillar Man, Wamuu. Basically a god, Wamuu possesses incredible strength, skill and wind manipulation thanks to his Divine Sandstorm. The skill of these two combatants is put the test in their chariot battle in Rome, which is one of the best animated fights in the whole show. The rotating 3D camera movements as the zombie horse-driven chariots are commanded around the colosseum are beautifully animated. This combined with the close back-and-forth style combat, as well as the clear strategies both are using make for the best non-Stand battle in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

3. Jotaro vs DIO

Jotaro and Star Platinum fighting DIO and the World in Stardust Crusaders episode 46, “DIO’s World, Part 2”

There is a reason this fight is notorious among shonen anime fans. The final fight between Jotaro Kujo and DIO is the epic conclusion of over a hundred years of struggle between the Joestar family and the near-immortal vampire. Together with his time-stopping Stand, The World, DIO seems unstoppable, easily taking out both Kakyoin and Joseph before making his way to Jotaro. However, Jotaro notices something familiar about the way the World moves and attacks, realizing it is similar to Star Platinum. This realization leads Jotaro to slowly gain the ability to move during DIO’s stopped time. However, it is his Joestar trickery and deception that pose the greatest threat for DIO. Moments like Jotaro stopping his heart with Star Platinum to make DIO think he is dead show just how much willpower he possesses, just like the rest of his family. This culminates in Jotaro tricking DIO into wasting his stopped time only for the vampire to realize Jotaro can stop time as well. It was amazing to witness Jotaro’s growth as a fighter throughout Stardust Crusaders culminate in this brutal fight.

2. Risotto vs King Crimson

Risotto using Metallica to sneak up on Doppio in Golden Wind episode 27, “King Crimson vs. Metallica”

It is crazy to think that the best fight in Golden Wind does not involve any of the main cast. Being the leader of La Squadra, it makes sense for Risotto to not just be their most dangerous member, but powerful enough to face King Crimson. An uncontrollably dangerous Stand in the hands of anyone else, Metallica allows Risotto to gain the upper hand for most of the fight. Metallica allows Risotto to not only incapacitate Doppio/Diavolo, but to also maneuver around his opponent invisibly, making it difficult for Doppio to read his future movements with Epitaph. Despite technically being an antagonist, his near defeat of King Crimson makes you want to root for Risotto, which makes it all the more sad when he is defeated so effortlessly by the Boss.

1. Jotaro and Koichi vs Sheer Heart Attack

Star Platinum trying to rip apart Sheer Heart Attack in Diamond is Unbreakable episode 23, “Sheer Heart Attack, Part 1”

The fight against Sheer Heart Attack is tense, constantly making you question whether Jotaro and Koichi will be able to make it out alive. The fact that Star Platinum, the Stand that killed DIO, is unable to even damage Sheer Heart Attack even after stopping time is terrifying and immediately sets the tone of the fight. The struggle only increases after Jotaro is incapacitated, leaving Koichi and Echoes alone to fight off Sheer Heart Attack. This forces Koichi to take charge of the situation, buying time for Josuke and Okuyasu to arrive and save him and Jotaro. The evolution into Echoes Act 3 forces Kira out of hiding due to its control over gravity. However, even this new ability isn’t enough to defeat Kira due to the combined strength of Sheer Heart Attack and Killer Queen. Luckily for Koichi, he bought just enough time for Jotaro to regain enough strength to pummel Kira so fast with Star Platinum that, in Kira’s own words, “it’s like the damned thing’s stopped time!”

Is there a fight from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that you love that didn’t make my list? Comment below!

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