A transition to The Rich Report

Hello readers.

Over the past year, The Candid Clark has been producing great content across many different forms of entertainment and sports. It has been a blast running the site and seeing all the great content the site’s contributors have worked on and put together. I want to thank all the contributors to the site for their hard work and effort into making the site grow.

I also want to thank the two other admins for the site, Johnny Crane and John Wintroub, for spending countless hours writing and editing for the site. Along with myself, the three of us each wrote over 100 articles for the site over the past year and also edited a lot of articles too. I am forever grateful for their willingness to put in the work to become not only better writers and editors, but also speakers through their podcasts.

However, as I enter the last summer break of my schooling life before I graduate college in May of 2022, I realize that I needed to focus more and more on setting up my career, whatever that entails. I need to spend more time gaining more experience and skills and setting myself up well financially.

In a competitive job market, you need to have as many options as you can when you graduate so you can work a job you are satisfied with. One option is to continue doing this for the rest of my life and profit off of it. As fun as this website was, a change needed to be made to ensure there was a better chance I could do this for a living.

Enter The Rich Report.

I started writing for his website in August of 2019 for similar content I write here. However, due to some differences, I created this website while still being a contributor for his as the founder of The Rich Report, Cameron Richardson, is a close friend of mine and my roommate in college. I allowed John Wintroub to have unlimited freedom for this site and Johnny Crane split his writing in between both sites.

Over time, I realized that having my own site while writing for Cameron’s site was not efficient and it caused me to burnout on a consistent basis. I started to realize that combining both sites would be a better route going forward to have all our content in one place while preventing content from being split between different places (i.e. two different film reviews for Tenet)that ultimately have the same goal.

As I needed to improve my financial situation while focusing on my career ambitions, I needed a better way to streamline all the content while elevating Cameron’s site into something that we can profit off of one day.

I made the decision a couple days ago to shut down The Candid Clark and begin the process of moving all the content on this site over to The Rich Report. While it is an ongoing process, one day, all the content from this site will have been transferred and available to read on Cameron’s site. Once every article has been transferred, The Candid Clark will go offline. Myself, Johnny Crane, John Wintroub will now be full-time contributors for The Rich Report as will several other writers such as Collin Fewkes and Kristen Chancellor.

While this was a tough decision to make, I believe it was the right one and I am excited for what the future holds over at The Rich Report. I want to thank everyone for reading all the content we have worked hard to produce over the past year and I look forward to seeing all of you on The Rich Report.

Here is a link to The Rich Report and all the content over there!



The Candid Clark himself, Sean Clark

Published by Sean Clark

I am an aspiring sports journalist at Northern Arizona University. I am very passionate about sports such as football, soccer and basketball and I'm excited to use this platform to write about the sports I love.

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